“When you are on the path of your purpose, success will meet you every single step of the way.”

At some point in our lives, we may be faced with the decision to make a change, especially with regards to our career. We must ask ourselves:

  • Do I stay on the path that feels safe and familiar?
  • Do I follow the path that is unknown but feels more fun?
  • Do I just get off the path and blaze my own trail?

We all have a purpose. Something that we are called to do. Something that ignites us. Something that launches us out of bed in the morning to jump on our computer and get to work.

But many of us never get to that point. The trouble is that most of us don’t know what that purpose is. That’s why we settle for working in jobs that drain us. We don’t pursue our desire to become an entrepreneur. We don’t launch our dream website. We don’t set up our Instagram profile with the hopes of becoming an influencer.

As a result, we feel:

  • Anxious: We have that overwhelming sense that we are supposed to do more in life what we just don’t know what it is.
  • Bored: All the day-to-day tasks we have to do are no longer stimulating. We feel like we are going through “the motions” and not really creating anything meaningful.
  • Drained: We wake up in the morning feeling tired and unmotivated to get to work.
  • Frustrated: We have less tolerance for people and situations

Why is this?

Why do we get stuck in a rut and not move forward in the direction of our dreams?


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