How to Consistently Create Content for Social Media

Are you losing your content creation mo-jo? Feeling a bit unmotivated to keep sharing social media posts on a regular basis? It’s okay! Those feelings happen to everyone, especially if you are a social media influencer feeling the pressure to constantly produce fresh content, every single day!

In today’s era, it is important to stay on top of your social media game and create content consistently. Content Marketing is now at the core of every business and it is imperative to have a strong marketing strategy, no matter if you are a brand or an individual influencer. Content creation is important to building an engaging relationship with your audience while furthering the reach of your message. Consistency is not only about the frequency of which you post but also the quality of your visuals and copy.

That’s why it is important to establish goals for having a strong social media presence. Not only do your goals need to be aligned with your business, they need to appeal to your target audience. Once you have chosen your business objective of having a social media presence, you’ll be able to determine the kind of content you need to create on a regular basis.

That being said, here’s a few tips to help you create content consistently:

  1. Set Up a Social Media Calendar:Start with an editorial calendar that tells you the special days of the month. Based on these days, identify a theme that your content will adhere to, taking care to be creative about how to connect it back to your brand. Once you have your editorial calendar laid out, it’s easier to build and brainstorm ideas for fresh social media content. A well-planned social media calendar not only gives you a road map of what you will be posting, it takes the stress out of guessing what you should be sharing every day.


  1. Create Content in Advance and Automate it with Tools:Now that you know the benefits of creating a calendar and your content in advance, it’s time to schedule your posts on relevant social media channels. Facebook already has a scheduling feature built within their platform but many of the other social media platforms do not. You could take advantage of the apps like Planoly, Later, Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule all of your content in advance while adhering to your content calendar.


  1. Take Advantage of Templates:Struggling with designing your content? Don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer? No worries! Thanks to content creation tools like Canva, it has never been easier to use templates for the visuals that you plan on using in your posts. You can even use templates for the videos that you share by using editing tools like Animoto and Filmora. Just keep in mind that templates are there to serve as the foundation of your design. Make sure you take the time to adjust each template to fit your brand and message. All of your content that is shared on social media should be unique to you.
  2. Get Creative with what you Share:There is nothing worse than visiting a social media channel and seeing the same old thing being shared, over and over again. Keep it fresh by sharing different types of content, every single week! I recommend that you prepare a list of ideas with different post types for each of your social media channels. For example, try:
  • Reposting user-generated content (content that your followers have provided you). This could be a testimonial, a question, or even a product review.
  • Sharing quality photos of your life…right from your phone!
  • Resharing some of the old and forgotten content that is relevant to the time period all over again
  1. Start Using Third-Party Apps:Who doesn’t love taking a fun quiz or survey! Not only is this type of content a great way to boost your engagement, it can be used to do a little market research on your audience. Try using apps like Qzzr to create online quizzes and polls, designed start a discussion with your audience. Best of all? Most of them have free versions available if you are limited on budget.


Are you looking for some help with creating content on a consistent basis? Are you struggling with designing posts that engage your audience? I cover all of these topics and more in my Women of Influence Master Class. Learn more here.


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