Your Power Purpose – Stop Fearing Success and become the Woman of Influence you were meant to be!

Stop Fearing Success and become the Woman of Influence you were meant to be!

Is fear of success holding you back? Do you feel like a fraud? Are you scared of scaling your business? It’s time to ditch that fear and become a successful Woman of Influence!

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who am I?

My name is Margaux and I was a successful social media influencer in the health and wellness industry.

For nearly eight years, I would share my recipes, blog posts, graphics, videos and product recommendations on my Facebook page.

At the peak of my influencer career, I had over 71,000 authentic followers who were genuinely interested in all that I had to share.

It was such a joy interacting with them on a daily basis! My Facebook page enabled me to connect with people all around the world who were as passionate about health living as I was.

More About Me

What People are Saying about Me

  • I’ve followed and admired Margaux for about six years now. Her rise as a whole foods influencer was authentic and powerful. When I had the opportunity to work with her as I started to change directions in my life and career path, I jumped on it. Since I’ve started working with her, I’ve been able to brain dump all my ideas and she helps me sort them out, putting my ideas into an actionable plan. Another great bonus of working with Margaux is she creates amazing graphics and videos. She will show you how to do it for yourself or your can have her do it. Having her do it saves me lots of time to work on turning my vision into reality. Aside from all of the above, she’s fun, positive, and full of inspiring ideas. If you’re stuck on how to get your message out in the world, Margaux will help you get unstuck and move forward. Working with her is giving yourself and the world a gift. She’s been there and done that. If you want to succeed as a thought leader and influencer, it is important to work with somebody who has already done what you want to do. Margaux is that person. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the world, Margaux!

    Kimberly, Replenish Wellness
  • From our first call, I knew that Margaux was the right person to help me. I really felt that she understood my needs and more importantly, my brand and what I am trying to accomplish with my business. Working with Margaux has been a great experience! I really appreciate everything that Margaux has done for me and my business. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with social media marketing and anyone looking to become an influencer!

    Samantha, Sprouting Wholeness

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